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Spacious layouts & great functionality.

We are all more aware of how important it is to have the control, flexibility, and the freedom to make choices for ourselves, but also reap the rewards for our devotion to our passion and our careers. We all want a place to belong, and our guests want to be in a smaller relaxed setting.

We encourage you to decorate your space so it feels like “your home”. I want to help others to grow personally and professionally and be successful, and I would love to help you take your business to the next level!

Each studio includes:


Business building, coaching and mentorship

Positive supportive collaborative environment and culture

Credit with distributor toward products for opening your business

Security system for added protection

Large break room with cabinetry for additional storage

Onsite laundry

Floor to ceiling insulated walls that significantly reduce sound

LED lights to provide ideal lighting for color services

Access to the building at any time


Built in cabinetry for Color bar with utility sink

European freestanding washbowls

Hydraulic styling chairs for optimum comfort for guests

Anti-fatigue mats

Large styling station

Decorative mirrors

Current studio availability.

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